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Cross country, all mountain, enduro: our area, from the Finalese to the Imperiese offers a great variety of trails, thanks to the ground, looser and friable at a lower altitude and compact and rocky higher up. Even the great woods changing from Mediterranean to pre-Alpine flora and the glimpses of both the valleys and the sea will fascinate you …

The Pietrese and Val Maremola thanks to passionate trailbuilders have added 18 trails , restoring some old historic trails and built new ones that add up to the rich network of the territory.

More than 150 paths / trails surround us, more than 400 km of trails (from Monte Mao above Spotorno to Monte Acuto above Ceriale and up to the northern valleys).

The dedicated services are guaranteed by 10 specialized mtb shops, 30 guides and more than 20 shuttle companies.

The Alta Via, the alpine path crossing the ligurian arch, can also be reached either alone or with guided tours and by shuttle.



Not only deckchairs and baths but also snorkeling, with mask and diving fins accompanied by guides to discover the variety of the sea ground a few meters from the shore.


Day or half-day excursion on a sailboat.

Day trip on boat for whale watching. 

Surf, stand up puddling, kayack, beachvolley 


Ideal location for free climbing, Pietra Ligure is at the center of a marvelous territory, from the Finalese to the Imperiese with various natural characteristics, rich in rock climbing cliffs. Thanks to the mild climate and the different exposure of the cliffs, this area allows you to climb all year round. It ranges from the limestone of the valleys of the Finale, of the Val Pennavaire, of the Valle Argentina, the Val Varatella and the quartz of the Val Nimbalto of the Rocca dell’Aia, situated on a southern spur of Monte Carmo.

The rich presence of specialized services, certified guides and shops will satisfy all your needs. 

Hiking, trekking, trailrunning

The network of excursion itineraries at various heights is extremely rich. Ancient mule tracks rise among the olive trees, the vegetable gardens, the Mediterranean vegetation, as well as the headlands on the sea and up in the woods. The immediate hinterland is fascinating for its lush vegetation and its ancient villages.

And for the fittest and the adventurous, the “Ferrata degli artisti” in Magliolo in the Val Maremola valley , that develops between 675 and 1309 m. and whose route may include the exciting passage on a Tibetan bridge.

Come and immerse yourself in nature!


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